Alum Creek Leisure Path Cleveland Avenue Bikeway County Line Acres Bikeway County Line Road Bikeway Polaris/Maxtown Road Bikeway Schrock Road Bike Lane Spring Grove Greenway Bikeway Spring Road Bikeway Sunbury Road Bikeway Westerville Bikeway
Bike Riding in the City of Westerville Ohio

Id Name Miles Description
  1  Alum Creek Leisure Path 1.7 From West Main Street, follow Alum Creek South across the Historical Bridge under Schrock Road to the Westerville corporate limits: The trail continues as part of the Columbus trail for at least another 5 miles.
  2 Cleveland Avenue Bikeway 1.4 The Polaris/Maxtown Bikeway at Cleveland Avenue, south to Main Street, through Heritage Park, then Main Street east to the Alum Creek Leisure Path
  3 County Line Acres Bikeway 1.1 From Towers Park cross County Line Road north then west to Hoff Woods Park
  4 County Line Road Bikeway 2.04 From Westerville Bikeway west across Alum Creek to the western edge of Walnut Bend Subdivision
  5 Polaris/Maxtown Road Bikeway 2.4 North Spring Road, west to Alum Creek
  6 Schrock Road Bike Lane .9 From Cleveland Avenue, east to State Street
  7 Spring Grove Greenway Bikeway 1.18 From Towers Park on Spring Road, east to Sunbury Road Bikeway
  8 Spring Road Bikeway .94 From Maxtown Road, on Spring Road, south to Grindstone Road
  9 Sunbury Road Bikeway 1.8 County Line Road at Spring Grove Greenway through tunnel just north of Marlene, south along Hoover Reservoir to Central College Road
 10 Westerville Bikeway 2.2 State Street beginning at Cherrington Road, north to Maxtown Road (Ohio Erie Trail)
 11 Community Center Loop .55  
 12 Heritage Park Trail Loop .59  
 13 Highlands Park Loop 1.09  
 14 Hoff Woods Park 1.16  
 15 Huber Village Park Loop .7  
 16 Metzger Park Loop .85
 17 Olde Town Park Loop .2  
 18 Walnut Ridge Park Loop .37  
 19 Westerville Sports Complex Loop 1.29  
 20Alum Creek Park Trail Connectors .3 At West Street, connects Otterbein College through Alum Creek Park across Main Street bridge to the Alum Creek Leisure Path
 21 Chipmunk Chatter Trail .6 At west end of North Street in Central College to gate at Inniswood Gardens (gated access at Park maintained by Columbus Franklin County Metro Parks)
 22 Hoff Woods/Westerville Bikeway .15 At Maplebrook Drive, travel east to Hoff Woods Park